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OUR JOURNEY OVER THE YEARS the first Greek cereals brand

The common vision and strong family values created the MILLHOUSE brand in 1993. But the history of the people begins much earlier.

In the heart of Piraeus, next to the busiest port in Greece, Thanasis Karadimas establishes the original food business. For 28 years it has been offering fine foods such as cocoa, baby milk and spices which are imported from the world's largest factories.
Having learned the secrets of trade, Thanasis' son, Myron, takes over the family business, developing its activity by importing food on behalf of the first supermarkets in the country.
Thanasis, Andreas and Vasiliki Karadima, the children of Myron, join the company which is renamed to INTROFEX, the name that is maintained until today. They will be the first to undertake the import, packaging and distribution of instant coffee and milk powder in the Greek market. At the same time, they establish the first modern factory of the company in the region of Tavros, Attica.
1993 is a milestone in the history of the family business as then the first Greek cereal brand was founded under the name MILLHOUSE. The philosophy and value proposition of the brand is honesty towards the consumer by offering cereals of the highest quality and taste at affordable prices. The first product to be launched is Corn Flakes and it immediately becomes a success.
In the following years, the range of MILLHOUSE products is enriched with popular cereals such as: Choco Flakes, Frosters, Chocolate Pops, Fruit & Fiber and Breakfast Bran.
As the needs of the market focus on a healthy and balanced nutrition, the Light & Diet cereal line is created. The range consists of whole grain rice and wheat flakes in various flavours.
The MILLHOUSE family introduces the first organic cereals, Corn Flakes BIO, which is produced according to strict standards, without chemicals, with respect for nature and human.
The classic Quick Oats whole grain oat flakes are launched. At the same time, various innovative admixtures are presented, such as oat flakes with a mixture of super fruits and oat flakes with pieces of dark chocolate.
MILLHOUSE launches CRUNCHY Oat products, the delicious crispy cereal bites with oats in various wonderful flavours. MILLHOUSE innovates again with the unique taste of Crunchy Oat Super Fruits & Dark Chocolate!
The Karadimas family, now having the 4th generation in the company, aims to continue uninterruptedly and with dedication to offer quality MILLHOUSE cereals, thus bringing the first Greek cereal brand close to every family.
Ideal relationship between quality and price for 30 years.

The brand is inextricably linked to the evolution of the Greek food company INTROFEX.

In 1993, the first Millhouse product was launched in the Greek market. Faithfully following the philosophy of the relationship between excellent quality and affordable price, the range of products has been enriched and continues to be enriched with innovative recipes, maintaining competitive prices, so that every Greek family can enjoy the unique taste and quality of the products.

The company aims to be close to the consumers and learn from them, in order to create solutions and products that will fully meet their needs, both nutritionally and financially.

Cereal products
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Food safety is our priority and the most important pillar of our corporate culture.

the 1st Greek cereal brand
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a 100% family business

In 1922, while embarking on the journey of tastes and food knowledge, Thanasis Karadimas could never have imagined how the business he carefully created, would develop.

All these years, the generations succeed each other, bringing an air of renewal and progress, and the older ones teach the younger ones, establishing the basic values ​​that govern the business. These family values ​​are reflected in the MILLHOUSE brand, making it one of the most reliable cereal brands in Greece.

Now at the steering wheel of the company, the 4th generation aims to maintain the incomparable quality of food, innovation, expansion of variety and sustainability of food.

Selected ingredients, fine recipes, respect, passion and devotion are the values ​​that we follow for so many years.

We remain true to our goal and utilizing experience, resources and technology we upgrade the food we offer every day to consumers.


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